New Year, New Work!

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa Alexander

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa Alexander

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa Alexander

Fashion Portraits - Alyssa AlexanderPhotographer: Michael McCrystal 

Model: Alyssa Alexander

Makeup: Image Insight

Styling: Lauren Allen

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking during my blogging break. After almost 800 blog posts, I think it is time to add a twist to Lauren Allen’s Fashion Blog.

For now, I will be posting photo shoots that I have styled, rather than my personal outfits! If you still want to see my outfits, they will be on my Instagram- @laurenallenfashionblog

To start off this new adventure, I am posting the photo shoot I started the year with.

On January 1st, my team bundled up and set out towards an old barn to try something different than any of us had done before! I loved the idea of shooting in a dirty, old, dusty building with the model in something totally opposite.

What made this photo shoot so easy was that our model is actually my size, so this wardrobe is right out of my closet. This red dress was my senior prom dress, and the vegan fur coat I got for next to nothing over a year ago. Typically I borrow clothes from local boutiques for photo shoots, but there was too much chance of ruining this outfit which is why I used my own clothes.

This photo shoot is the perfect example of, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” because there are not many people you could convince to work on Jan. 1st!

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