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It you look at the sections of blogs to your right you will see that this is the 600th Daily Blog! Maybe I celebrate too often, but it still blows my mind that I have written so many blogs. I hope you all are still enjoying reading the blogs as much as I enjoy writing them!

This day became so much more exciting when I realized that I got a hair cut and wore a new dress for this exciting occasion. Maybe it totally¬†wasn’t planned, but it still seams to be perfect. I got this scalloped hem shift dress at LOFT a few weeks ago after spending weeks drooling over it. It has been too cold to wear it, but yesterday it finally got up to 60 degrees outside, so I decided that if I were going to wear this dress the way I wanted to, yesterday was the only option. Hopefully we can finally get over the cold weather so that I can finally start wearing dresses again without freezing!



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