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Hello fashion lovers! Amanda here, owner of Bella Rose Boutique in the home of the Gators! About 10 years ago when I started college I became fashion conscious. Instead of gaining the freshman 15, I had lost about 60lbs and was introduced to sleeveless shirts, shorts, and skirts. I started to dress to fit my body type (pear shaped) instead of wearing baggy clothing that made me look like a parachute! I have over the years found my “style.” From American Eagle in my early 20s to a more classic fifties look in my late 20s. I think at this point my closet is about 98 percent Ann Taylor Loft! I have found that putting together an outfit becomes a piece of artwork. I have also found that it could take over your Pinterest page, closet, and bank account!

Being a married woman, I have a hard time explaining to my husband why I need a pair of blue heels. He obviously doesn’t understand the outfit that I have created in my head and that it can only be complete with these blue heels. Or how about the fact that I need more than one pair of shoes? I mean what self-respecting woman in the work world only has one pair of shoes? In his defense he is only allowed to wear boots to work and they last at least one year. But still, shouldn’t he understand my fashion needs?


So this brings me to my topic- Overcoming the ultimate fashion obstacle: your husband (or boyfriend).

I have only been married for about a year and a half, but in that time there has been some SERIOUS negotiating and reasoning for spending money on shoes, more tops, jewelry, etc. So here are some tips that I have come up with to help your significant other not only understand why you need the item, but the benefit it will have!

– Show him the entire outfit you have in mind and include him in the decision making process if you can. I have noticed my husband likes that I value his opinion and can appreciate it even more if he sees the entire outfit.

– Let him know that you are making an effort to spend less by finding coupons, sales, etc.

– When buying shoes, explain that you will be in the shoes a good part of the day and need to be comfortable. Especially if you are like me and have had knee surgery.

– When buying higher price items like a nice blazer/jacket, explain that you have multiple outfits that you can wear it with.

– If buying jewelry and/or hair accessories, remind him that these pieces can dress up many outfits. They may even keep you from getting bored with your wardrobe and help you save some money in the long run.

– If you are like me and want a lot of your staples (black heels, black dress, etc.) to last a while, it generally cost a little more. I always remind my husband that my staples will be worn more often and last longer if I opt for better quality.

Most importantly, remember that fashion should be enjoyable, not stressful and not drain your bank account! Your husband will appreciate it! He will also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor when he goes out on date night and you look stunning in those blue heels!

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