So much work (day 115)

I am realizing this weekend how much this year is going to kick my butt. Yesterday afternoon and almost all of today was spent doing homework. You have no idea how happy I was to leave the house to go to church!
Since the only thing I did today was go to church I kept my outfit simple but sometimes keeping it simple is harder than getting dressed up! It took me longer to pick this outfit out than it did to find an outfit for the banquet last night.
Tonight I am wearing my first pair of skinny jeans that I bought a couple of years ago so I could tuck my jeans into snow boots for a family vacations. I hated the skinny jean trend back then but today that is mostly all I wear. It’s funny how people can change! I am also wearing a new black T-shirt that I found for $5 at Cotton On the other day and my new favorite shoes that work as an amazing statement piece. I’m sure I will be wearing variations of this outfit a lot, it can really be worn anywhere any time!

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