Summer to winter (day 187)


I hate politics so I will keep this short, but I do want to say that I feel very privileged to have turned 18 in time to be able to vote in today’s election. After getting home from studying I turned on the news and saw how close the vote is in Florida and that people aren’t kidding when they say every vote matters. I hope you all got out and voted!
Now lets back to the fun stuff, fashion! This dress is my favorite example of taking an outfit from summer to winter. All of my pictures somehow cut off my feet, but I am wearing simple black boots with my stripped tights that I love. Then a classic black scarf and jean jacket kept me warm on this chilly day. The real fun in this outfit was all in my favorite silk dress with beautiful shades of grey and blue, and then just for fun I wore a skinny pink belt and a deep pink lip stick. During the summer I wore a much more simplified version of this, with just a yellow belt, silver sandals and a hat that I will also be able to work into my winter wardrobe. Just because you wear something in the summer, doesn’t mean that you can’t layer it up and wear it in winter. That is the best way to have verity in your outfits without going out and buying new clothes.

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