Warm and Cozy (day 188)

I love that big grandfather sweaters are in style this winter! This outfit idea came from multiple different Pinterest outfits. It was VERY cold this morning (like a high of 65. Remember, I live in Florida) so I wanted something that would keep me warm without being too hot in class. This big knit sweater was perfect for being warm and cozy outside and in class. Normal jeans could have worked for this outfit, but teal jeans were so much more exciting. With the jeans I would have preferred a different pair of shoes rather than just plain black boots that match my black shirt, but that’s what I had and I still think it turned out well. To tie everything together I wore my favorite new scarf and then accented it with red lip stick. This is my favorite wintery outfit so far and the best thing about it was that it is extremely comfortable!

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