Vintage wedding!!





A lot of the photo shoots I style are all about trends and local boutiques, but some times stepping outside of that box is all I need to keep the creative juices flowing. In July Anna Esposito Photography found this beautiful wedding dress at a local thrift store and we styled the rest of the photo shoot around it. Image Insight kept the makeup defined, but simple and Veronica Gentry gave Rupal big pinned curls and we laid a string of peals in her hair for an interesting detail.

What fun would it be if all of the looks were buttoned up and fully covered? That is when my job as a stylist becomes fun because who else can just go around telling people to take their shirts off? Derick’s high-waisted trousers and vest were perfect for the time period, but we switched things up a bit by switching out a shirt for a fedora.

Everyone helping out at the shoot was so much fun that the evening seemed more like a day with friends rather than working after hours. I can’t wait to work with these talented professionals again soon!


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