Arrrr I’m a pirate! (Day 178)

It’s Halloween time!! Since the actual holiday is in the middle of the week and I have a big presentation the next day, I did my dressing up last night for a Halloween party with my friends.
I really wanted to be a flapper because I absolutely love their style and also I am fascinated with that time period, but I didn’t want to spend money when I had costumes at home so I decided to shop in my own closet this year! This pirate costume is a couple years old but I like it a lot. It’s hard to find costumes now-a-days that don’t have the words “slutty” or “sexy” in the title so I like that this costume covers everything while still not looking matronly. There is a fine line between cute and slutty that is very easy to cross so just keep that in mind while putting a costume together for Wednesday. Also, wear what you love, this is a holiday of fun with friends and family, don’t ruin it worrying about how you look all night!

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