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There is nothing better than a day that could be totally awful becomes one of the best days ever! Despite the fact that it snowed ALL DAY long yesterday, MARCH 25th, I was able to enjoy Spring inside. On Monday Image Insight was asked to do the makeup for my favorite boutique in Lexington, Bluetique, for their next set of advertisements. Luckily my schedule lined up perfectly, so I was able to meet my mom there.

Eventually my mom got into her artistic bubble of creativity doing the makeup on the three beautiful models for the day, and I found myself wandering towards the clothes. The outfits were mostly picked out by the time I got there, but it was fun playing with the final details that take a look from a cute outfit to a high fashion statement.

Once the shoot started I found myself next to the photographer finding the best way to present the beautiful outfits. After writing this blog for almost two years I have learned exactly what not to do when it comes to outfit pictures, so I was happy to be able to spot posing problems before they became actual problems.

I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that I have had recently! Now back to the reality of cold weather and long days of classes….


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