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When I get stressed out about thing like finals week, I like to do something creative to get my mind off of things for a little while. This is by far the coolest DIY project I’ve ever done! While looking through my closet the other day I noticed that I have 4 pairs of dark wash skinny jeans and I asked myself “why do I need 4 pairs of the same thing?” So I took the pair that I wear least and upcycled them by adding fashion’s best pattern, polka dots!

To do this project you need a pair of jeans that need a makeover, fabric paint (I used platinum, but color choice is up to you), and some sort of flat circular sponge (whatever size you want your polka dots to be). I bought my sponges with wooden sticks, and fabric paint at Michael’s. To start I laid my jeans out as flat as possible on an old towel, poured a small amount of paint onto a paper plate and went to work. Taking a little bit of paint at a time on my sponge I slowly polka doted my jeans, placing them an equal distance apart. There is no specific pattern, and I didn’t try to made them all look perfect to give the shiny solver paint a grungy look. Also, so they are easier to wear over the summer, I cut about 3 inches off of the jeans and rolled them twice, turning them into capris. This project happened over 2 days, one day for the front and one day for the back, and less then 2 hours each day.

I just couldn’t wait to wear them, so today I am also showing how to style these DIY jeans. Since the pants are shine, I went for a color blocked top with a fabric necklace, and silver sandals. What would you style these fun pants with?

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