Transitions. We all make them, some more smoothly than others.

My first big encounter with transitions started when trying to transfer states in college and it only got more serious from there. When I moved from Florida to Kentucky I lost almost a year of credits in the transfer which meant another year of tuition. It was also the first time in my life leaving Florida for more than a quick vacation. It meant leaving everything I knew and starting fresh. 

I’d say my biggest transition ever was moving away from the comfort of my parents for the first time and moving to NYC. I had no job, no friends and only the idea of a plan to go forward with. 

The thing about transitions though is that you leave yourself open to growth. It’s like lifting weights at the gym, you break down the muscle which leaves room for more muscle to grow in the tears. The growing period will hurt but we all do it because of the results we expect at the end. 

Not all transitions are life changing though… 

The most fun transitions are clothing related, when you can pull together your favorite pieces from the two seasons. In this outfit I pulled out my favorite Summer shorts with Fall thigh high boots and cropped sweater. Normally I’d wear something like this with skinny jeans and call it a day, but I’ve been dying to wear these shorts with tights and boots since I bought them in the Summer heat.

Do something different. Move to a different state, color your hair, or even just take a different route to work tomorrow. Any little transition can turn into something unexpectedly beautiful.





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