The word “meaningful” has been circulating through my vocabulary over the last few weeks more than ever before.

I want everything I do or don’t do to be meaningful. This includes every big and little job I have, my relationships, and what I do with my free time.


Recently I’ve been noticing myself saying that things I used to think were a priority are actually meaningless. At the time, I felt like they were the most important things in the world but as I stepped back and took a full look at the world, some things just mean nothing to the world at the end of the day.


Deciding what is meaningful and what is meaningless is completely up to the person doing the activity. Something that is unimportant to me could mean everything to someone else and I have full respect for that. What I want out of my life is to be able to look back and see that everything I did was for a reason and lead to something even more meaningful.

No matter what industry you are in, everyday should be a new opportunity to help someone else because we all have resources to help others whether it’s with our time, talent or treasure.  Tell someone they look beautiful or help your friend with a problem they are having at work. The littlest thing to you could mean so much more to the other person.


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