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Oh how the times have changed… This outfit has become a staple in my life! Sometimes I look back at past blogs and see all of the color and patterns I used to wear. Although I love a good clean, classic look, I kind of miss my old care free and colorful style. 

What has changed my style so much?

  1. Necessity! I live in New York City now. Public transit, hot days and dirty streets call for simple outfits that are ready to run for the subway when it is pulling up. Sneakers are my new sandals and black is my new pink. 
  2. My work! During the week I work as a fashion stylist on set on commercials and editorials, and on the weekends I work at a bridal shop selling wedding dresses (HELLO new job that I love so much! More on that another day). All black is pretty much required of me 7 days a week. Black jeans and a black tee Monday-Friday, black tulle skirt and a nice black sweater on Saturday and Sunday. 
  3. Adulting! Unfortunately being an adult in a big city comes with a lot of responsibilities that don’t leave a whole lot of time for outfit selection or even shopping. It was one thing to pick out a cute outfit before an 11am class, it’s another thing to throw on an outfit while checking last minute emails before heading to a photo shoot. 

I love having this blog because as I am looking at past blogs now, in a few years I will look back at this and see where I came from. Trends change, but it’s what you do with what your style that really counts! 

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