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Sneakers, sports coats and champagne took over HYDROGEN on Wednesday night, the opening night of their first store in the United States. The turn out was so overwhelming that a majority of the attendees chose to sip their bubbles outside of the brick and mortar store after browsing the collection.

Based in Italy, this luxury sportswear line screams quality and status. Although the collection was created in neutral colors, there was nothing basic about the pieces. Each article of clothing has a unique detail that draws you in and entices you to feel the fabric and get a better look at the design.

The overall collection has an ease to it that allows even the fashion newbies to feel comfortable in the clothes, but there are also enough textures and patterns for someone with a strong sense of style to make it their own. Tweed, camo, stripes and plaid all adorned the store creating an edgy yet chic environment.

A majority of the store is men’s fashion, but women have their place in the spot light also with a small collection of menswear inspired looks. One thing that could not be missed were the walls lined with fashion-forward sneakers for both men and women. Similar to the current New Balance line, these sneakers were made for walking around this large city that HYDROGEN now calls home. The sneakers have sleek lines and high class fabric that make them much more than your average tennis shoe. They are for day, night, men and women, any day of the week.

The line may be new to the city, but it will not go unnoticed or unworn through this fashion capital. HYDROGEN is ready for Fall Fashion, no matter how much the grand opening attendants “glistened” (because women don’t sweat) on the evening of this party.

Event coverage for the wonderful Chaunielle Brown | Coco Brown Studio 21| fashion stylist

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