Ombre lips!




I have to admit, I was not excited about this outfit until my mom decided to play around with my makeup. J Crew stole my heart when I found this Llama sweater online, and then broke my heart when I finally got the sweater and realized that the sweater is actually grey with brown beads on it. It is still cute, but styling it shows a gap in my styling capabilities. One good thing about this sweater (besides the awesome llamas) is that it works perfectly with my favorite red lipstick!

This afternoon my mom and i decided to try to turn my normal red lipstick into an ombre lipstick. To do this we put black eye liner on the outside corner of my lips and concealer in the middle of my lips. Over that went the rep lipstick and a light layer of gloss to finish off the look. This may have been over dramatic for someone who does not usually wear lipstick, but for me, it is a fun new way to wear lipstick. I can definitely see myself doing a more dramatic version of this for Halloween!



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