Post game day celebration (day 170)

I made the mistake of wearing my only orange and blue dress last night! The Gators has a big game today so my friends decided that they wanted to go out to celebrate the victory tonight. Of course that means that I need to wear orange and blue and feel like a bad fan for not really owning the correct attire. On top of all of that, Florida decided to get cold tonight! With all of that, I do like my final outfit! It is on the Halloween-y side but Gator earrings and bracelet helps.
Pencil skirts like this are always good to have in a college students wardrobe. I have tucked in a work button down, added a belt and went to an Image Insight event. Tonight I am wearing it with an untucked tank top and tied fun polka dot button down. Since it is cold outside I wore the sleeves of the shirt unrolled but it is nice to have the option of rolling them back up if it is hot inside wherever I end up. My high heel collection is unacceptably pathetic so my only option for tonight is nude heels but they are great for making my legs look longer so I am still happy. As I head out for my night I am very confident that I will fit well with what other people are wearing but at the same time my outfit will be unique!

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