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Since this is a personal style blog, and I try my hardest to always be honest with my wonderful readers about what I wear, there is something I have to admit tonight. If I could wear fuzzy slippers every where I would! Typically if I am at home, these slippers are on my feet, especially after an exhausting day at work. I try to get blog pictures before changing shoes, but it was cold and before I knew it my feet had found their mates.

Fuzzy slippers were actually my third pair of shoes for the day. The first pair were suede booties (a bad idea because of two things, the heel and suede in the never ending rain). My second pair of shoes, intended to back up pair, were okay (I’m not a huge fan of dress pants with sandals) until I walked outside in 38 degrees temps with pouring rain. The third pair was by far the best. Oh, and I also love my outfit…



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