Cardigan (day 117)

It’s networking Tuesday again! The only difference about today is I had to get out of the meeting as soon as it ended and get to class. I made good time to school but the problem came whole trying to park. It took me about 20 minutes to park so at that point I was running to class but lucky sat down as soon at class started.
I have been wearing my black pants a lot recently so I switched it up and went with a black shirt. I’m really in a cardigan mood this week so today I wore my new polka dot cardigan today. The original thought was to go with a black and white look today; but then I remembered this was me I was thinking about and I added color! The jewelry was an unexpected touch that I wasn’t sure about but ended up loving. It is kind of out of the box which is really exciting to me!

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3 thoughts on “Cardigan (day 117)

  1. Lauren, I LOVE this combination!!!! You are doing so well at this blog thing! Today was my birthday and this really hit it out of the park for me as I probably have 50 + cardigans,they are my obsession!!! Oh no that is shoes,or is it jewelry,no matter I loved this outfit!

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