Color Pops!

Oh Spring, how I love your style. This was the first year that I actually packed away my Summer clothes during the Winter, fully embracing the New York City lifestyle of having ZERO closet space. The day that I made the switch back to my Spring/Summer wardrobe was like a shopping spree without having to swipe my credit card once!

This outfit was actually my Birthday outfit from a few weeks ago and part of my wardrobe revamp! I’m a little late to be posting this, but 24 is no joke guys. The day after these pictures were taken I broke my toe and these sandals are now trapped in my closet, unable to see the light of day for six weeks. My shoe wardrobe now consists of four different left sneakers lined up for me to choose from every morning, with a medical boot ready for my right foot. 

At least I have super fun hair though! Just a few days before my birthday Humby Olivo at Seagull Salon redid my mermaid locks and I couldn’t be happier with how vibrant and sassy it turned out. In a sea of neutrals flooding NYC, I love have bright hair that stands out in a crowed. Humby is amazing and I fully recommend him if you’re in the area and looking to add a pop of color to your life!

For my birthday I wanted to wear something a little different, so I pulled out this beaded vintage dress and danced my way through the day. It’s actually a sheath midi dress that isn’t amazing on my shape, so I belted it, bloused the top over the belt and thew on my favorite Spring Jacket to add some edge to the look. Also, why not add some more pearls to an already beaded dress?? You only turn 24 once!


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