Wedding Wednesday // First Steps

Congratulations!! You just got engaged, now what?!

There are probably 1000 steps between getting engaged and bridal dress shopping, but those aren’t my expertise, so we’re just going to skip them… What I do know is how to have the best wedding dress shopping experience possible!

Every bride is different, so your “I Said Yes” story will be different than the girl in the dressing room next to you. The important thing is that you find a dress that you will be thrilled to show to your grandkids in 50 years.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m home is to go through my mom’s and my grandma’s wedding albums. They technically wore the same dress but Mom added the 90s spin to the long sleeve A-line lace gown. You know the detail where the sleeves puff up to your ears… to go along with the bangs that stood straight up holding little white flags in defeat… I digress, Both weddings are unforgettable, long lasting and fruitful.

Before you will be ready to say yes to your wedding dress there are a few things you’ll need to do:

  1. Pin your heart out // Before you even step foot into a bridal shop, go on Pinterest and pin until there are no more dresses to be seen. This will give you an idea of the designers you love and fits that you are feeling. If there is a particular dress you love, find the style number and hold onto it! Show your bridal consultant your secret board and it’ll be like giving her the key to your soul.
  2. Set your budget // Once you have found your style, start looking at price tags. If you can’t find a firm number online, call local stores. This will help you set a reasonable budget. Simple satin dresses will be the lowest price point, add some more for lace and then the more beading you want, the more money you will be spending. At RK Bridal you won’t be spending more than $5000 on your dress, unless you get 2 which I highly recommend! LOL On average you will ranging anywhere from $1500-$2500 when you shop with me.
  3. Start Shopping // Every town is different, but here in New York City we have a few different iconic dress shops. Smaller stores will typically have one of every style. Starting at a smaller location could help you get a feel for your style without being overwhelmed with choices. A lot of brides want the TV experience so they come from around the world to say they shopped at that one store. You know which one I’m referring you. My input? Go there to say you did, then come to RK to actually get your dress!

Next week I’ll walk you through the bridal appointment, who to bring and what to expect!

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