Weddington Way

Weddington Way

Weddington Way bridesmaid dresses- dress 1, dress 2, dress 3

Charming Charlie jewelry- necklace, earrings, bracelet


Makeup inspiration- Image Insight

When Weddington Way contacted me and asked “If you were the Maid of Honor and the bride asked you to help her style the look for her big day, what would you suggest?” I couldn’t help but put together a few looks to show you all! Although I am very single, that has not stopped me from being that girl that has had her wedding planned out since she was 10. Now, working in the wedding industry through Image Insight has only increased my wedding planning activities.

One thing I do have a strong opinion about is bridesmaids dresses, and Weddington Way was the perfect place to find the dresses that have been lingering through my mind. Although the color is optional depending on the wedding colors, what I am sure about is the fit of these dresses. Empire waistlines are typically universally flattering. What is important is that every dress is the same color and fabric, but each bridesmaid has a choice of necklines to make them feel comfortable and beautiful. Each neckline requires a different type of jewelry like I have suggested in the photo above. The best part about this jewelry is that it is as affordable as it is beautiful!

The last few details should be cohesive with the wedding party, but unique to the individual bridesmaid. I have shown a pair of shoes that I would suggest with these dresses, and my recommendation would be that the bridesmaids pick something similar that is comfortable for them. Makeup should be the same way. Everyone should be done to perfection (preferable professionally done), probably with bold eyes and a simple lips, but unique to every person.

Which of these Weddington Way Bridesmaids dresses would you pick??

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